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Push notifications are a good way of increasing user engagement and keeping users up to date with the latest news and updates. You are probably used to getting notifications on your smartphone everytime get a you get a delivery. Seventy two percent of consumers have enabled them. With our BILDIT CMS we have intergrated with three service (Firebase, OneSignal, Airshp) and you can use either service to send pushes. This is a documentation to help setup and use our BILDIT-CMS to send Push Notification.

Getting Started

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Creating Push Notification Service to be used

Select service to view documentation of creating account:

Configuring BILDIT-CMS with a service to send Push Notification

Select service to view documentation of configuring BILDIT-CMS with the service:

Sending Push Notification using BILDIT-CMS

Sending Push Notification.

Scheduling Push Notification.

Deep-link Push Notification.